About Me

Mollie Lawniczak


I believe everyone can feel their best and live in balance. Many of us struggle with finding time and space to live healthier lives. I am here to help you to welcome your healthiest self without restrictive diets and hours in the gym. Through simple, small changes to your habits welcome in balance and your best self.

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My own healthy journey led me to coaching others. Because I understand what it is like to have a health goal that you want to reach, I am passionate about educating, supporting, and motiving others to reach their goals. Good Health and Wellness can mean many things, to me I sum it up as doing things that make me feel my best. I feel my best when I am eating healthy foods that nourish me, doing actives that give me purpose, and moving my body to make me energized and feel strong.

When you work with me, I am here as YOUR coach where you are today. Similar to a coach for a sports team, who encourages and motivates their athlete, I will do the same for you. In a non-judgmental environment, I will guide my clients to achieve their goals, provide trusted science-based information, support with positive encouragement and motivation.

I live with my husband, two children, our cat and dog. Always a California girl at heart, now we live in the Chicago area. I love to cook, read fiction, exercise, and plan trips! Welcome, and I look forward to getting to know you and what makes you feel your best.

Welcome Wellness gave me the perfect reset in my thinking and behaviors. I did not take the time to care for myself – typical mom move. You could tell Mollie was very vested in my well-being – it wasn’t all about weight loss or a quick fix. It was permission and encouragement to make the changes needed at my own pace to get healthy, to move, and permit myself to do something to take care of myself. I have adopted practices that are now part of my everyday life.

Sandy S.

I completed Welcome Wellness’ 5 week Jump Start program. It was a great way to start the new year in a fun and supportive environment. I learned lots of new strategies that are helping me achieve my health goals. Mollie is great to work with and very supportive of all her clients.

Lisa S.