Healthy Lifestyle mixed with Cocktails??

This time of year (and others) many of us want to celebrate with a few cocktails. But when we are also trying to stay in the healthier lane, drinks can cause a few speed bumps in that road.

In general, it is important to watch alcohol consumption because it impacts many parts of overall health like increase of heart disease risk and some cancers. Also, too much alcohol can lead to obesity and difficulty maintaining a healthy weight.

How much alcohol is safe to have?

Women should have 7 or less drinks per week. Men should have 14 or less per week. Anything more is considered “high weekly use”.

What does one drink really look like?

5 oz of wine, 1.5 oz of distilled liquor, 12oz beer.


Tips for drinking more mindfully:

  • Watch the quantity and get familiar with how much is really in your glass. When you’re at home- try measuring what an ounce of liquor looks like or 5 oz of wine. Then when you’re out you’ll have a better awareness of what is being served.
  • Use mixers with no sugar, like soda water. Use sliced citrus for flavors. Check labels if unsure if a mixer has sugar- like tonic water can have around 15g of sugar in a 6oz serving.
  • Alternate water and alcohol to prevent dehydration and slow down the number of cocktails.
  • When you get to a party or gathering, don’t rush straight for the bar. Take a few minutes and settle into your surrounds and start with a glass of water.
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Eating with food slows the absorption of alcohol.
  • Savor and enjoy your drink or glass of wine. Just like taking a moment to enjoy the taste of food, do the same with cocktails or wine.
  • It’s ok to say “No Thank You” to another pour. Don’t feel pressured to drink more than you’d like.










Dr. Sears Wellness Institute