Why “Welcome”?

I debated about my first blog post. Should it be some helpful information, a favorite recipe, a new exercise? We can get to those things later. Instead, I decided to share why I chose “Welcome”.

Welcome has a lot of meaning. It is an open and active word. Synonyms of it as a verb are to meet, embrace, greet, salute. I love all of these, even salute! All so active and positive. Welcome is a positive word. We don’t usually say it when we are not happy about bringing something into our lives.

Welcoming Wellness is truly the idea of bringing wellness into your life. Fully embracing the idea of working on all parts- your mindset, your movement, your actions and your eating. All of those things are wellness. When we feel good in all those parts of ourselves, more things in our lives work better. As we welcome wellness, we also are able to welcome in all the good we want to experience because we feel better.

So with that I salute wellness! And look forward to sharing more with you in the future!